Chief Accountant / CEO

Job description

As a Chief Accountant / CEO for the Dutch branche of this organisation you are responsible for all Dutch activities among others bookkeeping and accounting, keeping the STAK books and for fillings and reports to Dutch autorities, manage STAK office and deal with al the legal, tax, reporting issues wich could effect STAK from Dutch law and EU regulations perspectives. You could be asked to represent STAK in Dutch banks, tax and state authorities, to maintain archive, documents turn-around, accounting and communicate with Dutch auditor as well as with Chief Accountant in Cyprus to coordinate the auditing and reporting of the Group.

Candidate Profile

Good accountant qualification, experienced in bookkeeping and preparing of financial statements and reporting, IFRS and related Dutch accounting standards, archives maintaining, acknowledged and experienced in preparation of tax, social and statistics declarations / forms / returns or other documents to be submitted to state authorities, tax calculations. Responsible, careful, diligent person.

Company Culture

You will be the first Dutch employee operating alone but in close contact with the Cyprus organisation.

Company profile

You are the only local representative of the Dutch STAK and you will operate in close contact with your collegues in Cyprus. This gives you a lot of freedom in organising your day to day work, but doesn't mean you will be alone facing the routine of the project. You will be supported by external advisers and the whole Cyprus team will be visiting the Dutch office for board meetings and for certain business needs.

Parttime, de jure exclusivity and terms of employment

You will be working on a average of 24 hours per week but are free to arrange youre working hours as long as it will not affect your tasks. The employer will insist on de jure exclusivity and non-compete agreement. This is of much importance for this position. A fulltime renumeration for this position would maximum be € 3.500,- gross salary per month.




Pieter Engels
T: (0854) 885 555
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